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Starting with TYPO3 in 2015

How to start with TYPO3 - a set of Documentations

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Hi, I'm rosieres from TYPO3 IRC Channel. Dealing with TYPO3 is my daily business for several years now. If you need qualified technical support or want to start a project you can reach me @ (don't be scared - we just do not have the time for overhauling)

I made this sheet for shortening the entrance into TYPO3

Howto start with TYPO3 CMS in 2015

What this document does


After you are familar with these things you are able to dig into CMS business.

If you don´t have a clue about HTML and CSS, you will get seriously frustrated and you should not start anything.

If you dig into TYPO3 you need a lot of time to understand it.

Prerequisites - for developers

Keep it in mind

Good to have

Getting into it

  1. If you know nothing -read getting started
  2. Know the base principles of TYPOSCRIPT in general
  3. Know the principles of extensions in general and in detail
  4. Know where to find documentations -> see section Documentations
  5. Know how to get help -> see section Help Resources and Howto ask the right way
  6. Build your environment
  7. Get familar with git and github definition and gist definition
  8. Providerextension - I recommend you to write ALWAYS ANY code in such a -> See section extensions -> ext:builder
  9. Start fiddeling around with TYPOSCRIPT and FLUID
    • If you come to a point where markers are mentioned like ###marker### - read it but don´t use it. Go to FLUID
  10. If you want to stick to OOP paradigms, get familiar with Extbase, since this is the built in MVC framework of TYPO3. For other use cases the core offers a lot of ready made API stuff besides Extbase out of the box. So be sure to check for existing core methods before reinventing the wheel.
  11. If you install extensions from TER, try to use current versions compatible to the latest TYPO3 versions as often as possible. Even if you go for older LTS versions of TYPO3, this will make sure to stay up to date with core upgrades in the future.


There a a lot of different templating methods and systems in TYPO3. I won't go into details here. These days FLUID is the recommended way. It´s extremely powerful and gives you great flexibility. Forget what you ever heard. If someone sais "fluid is odd" - this person has no idea of it´s capabilities and what benefits it is giving to you.

Sometimes mentioned - here clarified

What is....

Howto ask

If you have a question -there are plenty of resources -> see section Help Resources

They all have one thing in common. You must ask the right questions and provide necessary information to get qualified help. Otherwise people wont help you as it takes to long to pull things out of your nose.

Use this pattern as a rule of thumbs:



What is your environment, what do you want to achieve, what did you do, what do you expect, what do you get. Provide a gist


This section has to be done one day. Here just the topics that are taken into account:

In General






Useful Links

Help resources



in general

dedicated extensions

for developing + cheatsheets

Contribute / Patch / Bugfix

If you want to contribute, there are several ways


Found a problem



Highly welcome

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